Western Legacy Service Partners

Gregg grew up along the Snake River in Twin Falls, Idaho and spent his youth hunting the hillsof southern Idaho. Hunting honed a special sensitivity to range land ecosystems that Gregg credits with his later academic and professional success. While participating in the initial soil survey of the West, building log cabins in the Sawtooth mountains and fighting fires Gregg attended Utah State University, first receiving a bachelors degree in range land ecology and later a master’s degree. As a graduate student he developed his mission statement, “to make money while improving the land,” which he later adapted–while managing Deseret Land and Livestock (DLL)–to, “help others make money while improving the land.”

In his capacity as the manager of the DLL, a regional manager of the LDS livestock operations, consultant and partner in Squaw Valley Ranch, he has mentored hundreds of ranchers, ecologists and range land professionals. He has directly or indirectly improved thousands of miles of riparian area and millions of acres of uplands, developed renowned wildlife programs, all while ensuring the profitability of the underlying livestock operation. Midway through his professional career he realized that range lands suffer from a dearth of useful data and he has spent the last 20 years developing Earth Sense Technologies©, a statistically valid and economically feasible way to monitoring range land condition and trend. As a partner in Squaw Valley Ranch, he has participated in the PRF program for the past several years and believes that it is valuable risk management tool.


Julie is from Jackson Hole, WY – for real. She grew up cross-country skiing and riding her bike to the local hot-springs along the Snake River. She also spent many weekends on Jackson lake with her father, a long time fish and game warden whose love of birds she inherited. Julie attended Utah State University and received her bachelors in range land ecology, but not before fighting fires and baking bread. As an intern on the DLL she cleaned the sheep pens with a smile on her face and Gregg knew he was in love. Like many ranch wives, Julie raised three children in the middle of nowhere and has been Gregg’s business partner for over thirty years. She’s been the cookie for innumerable hunting, sheep and cowboy camps and will always light a bigger bonfire. Her intelligence, experience and patience make her the glue of our family and an invaluable asset to Western Legacy Service.


Seth grew up on the DLL and another large ranch outside of Cody, WY. He has spent his lifeworking for Gregg across the West and from this experience developed an informal, but rich knowledge of rangelands as ecosystems, economies and societies. Seth received his bachelors from Westminster College in Salt Lake City and after one ski-bum year became five attended Montana State University in Bozeman where he received a Master’s in Applied Micro-Economics and Agricultural Economics. Through a serendipitous turn of events he did his master’s research on the process used to rate the dominate crop insurance product. In grad school Gregg became interested in participating in the PRF program, which is one of many available crop insurance products, on Squaw Valley Ranch and Seth set about analyzing the program. From this experience he has developed tools to help ranchers optimize their participation in the program. Seth believes that the PRF program offers rancher’s a unique way to reduce the risk of ranching, thereby decreasing the possibility that the services provided by these landscapes and there stewards provide become denigrated by segmentation and allocation to alternative uses.